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Innovation and Design at Bagru Textiles

In 2009, Union College in New York offered me a 21 day term abroad to India, when I visited Bagru with an anthropologist. Artisans gave us a tour of printing in Namdev Krishan Farm. I was amazed to see these handmade textiles that were selling for 100s and 1000s of dollars being made by people who did not even have appropriate living conditions. I thought I wanted to build a network and create a digital presence for this community to cut middlemen and open doors for them to a market that would be of fair trade

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French Connection, Visiting Brigitte Singh

So when I first came to India, I came to study miniature painting which was a scholarship by the Indian and French government. I was sensitive to things around me and because I come from a family of women who love their textiles, I was immediately drawn towards them. India is a bottomless treasure of textiles, I thought india was inspiring for any creative person. It was all very exciting.

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