This section is curated purely for the love of buying collectible products that are made with local ingredients or by local artisans and are thoughtfully designed. When travelling I like to bring back books, tea, coffee, textiles, jewellery, journals, stationary, homeware and everything else that is independently made in small boutique capacities. The products here are carefully chosen on the basis of brand's story, people behind it, aesthetic and unique design with quality. These are all Made in India. 

*None of these are paid adverts or promotions. 

Madurai Talkies is our favourite from bombay perfumery for its jasmine and rose scents. The brand offers unique perfumes inspired by indian scents with artistically designed packaging that adds to the experience. 

Bombay Perfumery | Fragrance

we have picked out 72% dark single origin artisanal chocolate from earth loaf that is handmade on a small farm near mysore with local ingredients 

Earth loaf | chocolate

Kashmiri Loom is a luxury cashmere shawl brand that brings you authentic products from ladakh and tibet region. WE choose their lena collection for it's natural colour palette and classic feel.

Kashmiri Loom | Wool

the Jaipur blend from No.3 clive road has a mixture of cocoa, orange and rose flavours. This tea brand celebrates the art of making tea with it's assortment of tea blends all inspired by different cities in India . No.3 clive road also offer's paper products and scents of cities in india with it's candles.

No.3 Clive Road | Tea

ecruis a lifestyle brand making lucury artisanal products in india with islamic motifs and inspiration. We have chosen this brack marble 8 point plate for its simplicity of deign.

Ecru | home

Summer house is a lifestyle design brand based in bangalore that makes clothes as well as home products. we have chosen this timeless monochrome striped towel.

Summer house | Home

Payal Khandwala

We are in love with the contrast and women support women campaign for the gemini sari collection

payal khandwala

Made by local artisans in Ladakh and Assam, we are kal offers handwoven wool and silk products that are naturally dyed and aesthetically designed.

We are Kal | Silk

Craft Boat is a paper design studio and workshop in jaipur making products with recycled materials. We have chosen this indigo floral stationary set from their collection.

Craft boat | paper

Kichu is a kitch jewellery designer who uses unique motifs in her designs and seeks inspiration from vintage imagery. we have chosen this silver and gold necklace for its minimalism yet statement style.

Kichu | Jewellery

Anavila offers a range on linen saris with blends of wools and silks, carefully woven with unique patterns. Her style is simple and feminine