Thoughts and Questions that arise regarding culture, travel and art in the contemporary scene

The art industry is growing with a higher rise in demand of art works for the decoration industry. Is this a utilitarian approach to art? Isn't art an expression of Inside rather than a product of outside? 

How developed is curation is India? Is interpretation of all art forms still traditional? 

How important is technique in art? Should a visual artist fit in a box of rules?

Why do people care about art? Is it the way it makes them feel? Does it give them a sense of community? do they relate themselves to the emotion? is all art a vent for emotions? Or is it a starting point of thinking? 

Is digital photography and instant publishing changing the perception of arts? Do you add your own perception when you reframe the piece of art through your lens? Does it now have an added meaning? How does composition in photography change the composition of the art piece?

How can you reduce consumerism while travelling?

How are brick and mortar businesses re-inventing themselves as a product of digital businesses? What is the impact of rising of Independant publishing on these brands. 


How is travel impacting our culture and society? Is it making me more lonely? or it is making me part of a bigger society? 

Fashion as a concept of Anthropology. A reflection of self, thought, and inside or influence of outside? A reflection of time, society, politics and culture. Is it restricted to body and adornment or do I see it in everything around me? 

Mumbai, embracing diversity and chaos

The word 'cosmopolitan', which derives from the Greek word kosmopolitês ('citizen of the world'), has been used to describe a wide variety of ..... implies that a person's cultural identity should be defined by any bounded or homogeneous subset of the cultural resources available in the world - plato

How is travel helping the global society? Does it increase the chances of a healthier mental health? A chain of happiness :I travel, stay happy, grow, come closer to other travellers, and the vibe spreads.

Appreciating the differences and similarities, reduces cultural boundaries.

Travel, an art of love and detachment. Being in the present, excited for what has to come, letting go what has been experienced, thinking fondly of the past.

Religion in India is one of the biggest tourist industries. How about finding faith within and reducing consumption

Rice, connecting the world. Example of Unity in diversity

Airports and stations, hellos and goodbyes, a completed circle, or maybe starting a new one. 

Send us your thoughts and comments on these. 

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