From the arches to the domes and the minarets, this series explores forms, textures and colours of the Adroon Shehr (Inner City) as Old Lahore is now called. A visit to the recently restored Dilli Darwaza (Delhi Gate, one of the six surviving gates into the old city out of the original thirteen) takes you through some of the most magnificent gems of Lahore: The Shahi Hammam with its minimally painted domes, the dingy and narrow muhallas, The bustle of the Kashmiri bazaar, the quiet charm of the Sunehri Masjid and the majestic Masjid Wazir Khan with its hand painted frescos.

Saman Sohail is a visual artist from Canada. Her works include illustration and photography.

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by Ayesha Kapadia

It was time to fill my cup

Fill it all the way to the top

To fill it it must be emptied first

Trees and streams to quench my thirst

Pebbles water birds that sing

To the forest soul I must bring

Afloat in the stream

I dip my brush in the ripple

Washing away the past little by little


This March, I decided to float away to a remote farm in Kodaikanal. I needed to be with the trees. March is also when a new season in fashion unfurls. Spring Summer 2018. I experienced the landscape through the lens of hair and make up, styling, jewellery, swatches, textures and patterns. Absorbing sights and sounds like a sponge and then expressing the stories out into my book through my paint brush.

Ayesha is a Visual Artist and Creative Consultant. 

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Through this series, we have tried to explore a dark side that the city of glamour holds. The history and tales that these old buildings have witnessed and have stood through times with the changing cultural landscape of Bombay is the artist's focus. Here Art deco meets imperialism and modernism. Most photos have been taken from a moving car or walking on foot from Colaba to Fort and also Bandra. 

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