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Journey of Maheshwari Cotton Silk

Along the river Narmada, lies Maheshwar, (two hours south of the capital of Madhya Pradesh) a princely town that thrives on it’s handloom industry. Ahilya Bai Holkar could be called the mother of Maheshwari sarees. During her reign of 30 years in the late 1700s in Maheshwar, she encouraged weaving of cotton silk sarees that had simple patterned zari borders and two pallus.

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Textile Journey Through Bengal

It all came together as I was looking out of the window of my life for something that would liberate me from my financial dependence on my family and the materialistic quality of life. To have the freedom to invest my time and energy in things that call out to me to explore and I did not know how to explain this to my family as these were intangible mostly.

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Behind the Mother Goddess

Themed around Devi, Mata Ni Pachedi is a 800 year old art form that the Chitara community is preserving in Gujarat. Also known as Kalamkari from Gujarat, the artform tells stories of Hindu Mythology and Indian folklore depicting scenes from epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. As Kirit Bhai, a 9th generation artist holds a bamboo stick dipped in allum and mador ( natural colour to achieve deep red), he proudly draws a devi

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