The Studio Styling Project

Celebrating places through objects and materials

Over the years we have brought back crafts, art, design objects and vintage materials from our travels across 3 continents and 14 countries. We found a way to archive these at our studio. Through this project we wish to showcase some of our core values that are

  1. Embracing diversity in culture

    2. Supporting local crafts

    3.Telling stories through visual documentation and material culture

    Some of the sections in the studio are the library that homes indie publications like Cereal, Another Escape, Lodestar Anthology, Lost Magazine, Monocle, Wallpaper, books on travel and design, Classic literature and contemporary Non Fiction.

    Secondly, The art wall that exhibits prints and postcards of artists like Tagore, Shergill, Monet, Munch, Picasso, Van Gogh and more brought back from Berlin, Paris, New York, London and Mumbai.

    Thirdly, Textile Crafts like Bandhini, Zari, Ikat, Block prints, Kantha, Phulkari, Pashmina, Banarasi silks and more from various cities in India. We have further curated these objects under materials like wood, leather, stone, clay, paper, metalware, cane.

    Other collections include patterned and up-cycled objects, blue pottery and vintage metalware, jewellery, mementoes etc.

    You can engage your senses at the tea and coffee corner that offers tea (both from China and diff parts of India ) and Coffee (from Devans ) with Hindustani Music and Jasmine scents close to our indoor plants.

    Some key styling techniques we have used are cluster-ring and layering objects with colour palettes ranging from shades of blue to golds and browns. We also support Indian labels like Anokhi Jaipur, Good Earth, The Shop, Dastakar, Fabindia, Kamala and Bahrisons. Some International brands that are our favourites are Anthropologie, Abury Berlin, Paperchase UK etc.

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