Creative Spaces | Rashmi Verma and Suket Dhir Studios in Delhi

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Rashmi Verma

Rashmi Varma is a womenswear label with a love and respect for artisanal craft culture. At the heart of Rashmi Varma is the desire to make useful and beautiful clothes for women, about women. Relaxed silhouettes and versatile styles travel easily with an aesthetic integrity informed by diverse geographies and fluid sense of identity.  

Silhouettes often combine precise tailoring with drape, forming unique sculptural garments. Richly textured and tactile; geometry, uniformity and a restrained use of colour emerge with the use of natural fibres, handwoven cottons & silks, natural dyeing and embroideries. Present in each collection is love for light and shadow, the natural and built environments, and a hint of the absurd. A vast historical repertoire of textile and garments underlines each collection.

Each garment is hand made with artisans in our New Delhi studio and across India, each committed to producing beautiful textiles and garments that celebrate design and the rich imperfections of human hand for the 21st century. 

With an early start in interior design and architecture, Rashmi Varma works in fashion, film & theatre where her medium is always cloth. Her designs, performances and installations have been exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art and the Textile Museum of Canada. Her first publication by Phaidon Press was released in 2016 titled SAR: The Essence of Indian Design. Born in Montreal, Canada, Rashmi Varma is now based in New Delhi, India. 

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Suket Dhir

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