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Jaipur Journal

Travel is essentially exploring new places but, the one place I find myself going back to any chance I get is the pink city, Jaipur! Colours, culture, people, heritage…one can keep going on and on about the love & diversity the city holds. People are ever so warm and welcoming and the palaces never fail to impress or inspire. Over time, the city has developed into a rather interesting mix of the old world charm and modern architecture. One can start their day by exploring the Amber Fort and end it with a cooling drink and some great conversation at Bar Palladio. There is literally something for everyone, whether you like street side grub or reading a book in the royal gardens at Rambagh with your tea, or one can even go shopping to the various markets to buy some local crafts and textiles. My memory of the royal city of Jaipur is refreshed every few months but something that always remains with me is the love I feel each time I visit it. 

Even though I believe I know the city in and out, the one memory that will always be with me is when I was in Jaipur in August 2016 with my closest friends and we had to go to a store which was basically right next to where we were having lunch and I made the driver go in a circle to come back to where we started. I think my friends lost faith in my navigation skills that day but I never lost faith in the city!

Jaipur makes me happy!

Jaipur by Harshita Agarwal

New York Journal

We had just finished watching one of the most adrenaline-charged performances of all times at the Broadway. High on endorphins and feeling good about life in general, my best friend and I set out in search of an unhealthy dose of a sugar rush. 

It was a rather draughty Friday evening (New Yorkers insist on calling it warm for some reason) but that didn’t deter us from making our way to the nearest ice cream truck.

Strolling along the Lincoln Centre, taking in the sights and vibes of a city about to unwind, we got distracted by the faint strains of Tango coming from a park across the street.

In a refreshing deviation from my usual cautious explorations, I crossed over and crashed this wonderful street party that comprised of a motley mix of New Yorkers – mostly folks returning from work, college kids, an old chap playing the clarinet, a few other faceless, nameless merry makers.

My nerves were on edge but not for too long. I am usually the one who has to be strong-armed onto the dance floor, the one with the awkward dance motions that people find uncomfortable to watch. I find my own moves horrifying, to say the least. And here I was, on a late May evening in one of the greatest cities in the world, dancing in tandem with strangers, with gay abandon. I was so proud of myself.

In those 12 minutes, I found acceptance, appreciation, a new found love for tango, and my most cherished travel memory

New York By Deeksha Jhalani

Italy Journal

My most favourite & pleasantly unexpected experience has been in the beautiful village of Cinque Terre in Italy. A cluster of five Italian villages, this is where sundried tomatoes originated, so a definite must buy! Each of the villages is accessible by train but to actually explore them well you must do the hike wherein you can take in the absolute natural beauty of this village. I remember sending postcards to all friends, sitting on the steps of the streets right next to the cafes in Montessori. My other favourite recollection is having the most divine & fresh batter fried calamari fried to perfection, by the beautiful Italian coast waters. Cinque Terre is that Little Wonder which just keeps you completely surprised! 

Italy By Geet Nagi

Thailand by Damini Passi

I spent a whole month in Koh Samui and then moved down South to travel everywhere in Thailand. I yet have a lot to explore, but so far my favourite moments have been attempting to mountain climb in Tonsai beach, Krabi, snorkelling in Koh Phi Phi islands and jumping off waterfalls in Koh Samui. 

If you’re ever in Thailand, definitely visit the Na Muang Waterfall in Koh Samui. Explore the Big Buddha Temple, Fisherman’s Village Friday Market and just the area in general on other days. Coco Tam’s is a really cool bar there that you will fall in love with! There are a bunch of great restaurants too and my favourite is The Shack that serves the best steaks and lamb chops in Samui! 

Another great place to visit is the Jungle Club that has a spectacular hill top view of the island and The Cliff Bar & Grill! There are plenty of secret beaches but you must no a local to take you there with them.Taxis won’t be able to take you to all the locations! You have plenty of great places to eat at in Samui! 

Full Moon Part at Koh Phangan or 45 minutes by speed boat from Samui is something else to see if you enjoy partying it up on the beach with thousands of people.

Krabi has a lot to offer as well and since the three beaches are connected and at a distance of 3 minutes from each other by a long tail boat ride, you have plenty of options. Firstly, you must check out the viewpoint!! Its a great way to see how the three beaches are connected with a great view of course! 

Ao Nang beach is a typical tourist area with lots of bars and clubs. Take the boat from there to Tonsai beach where you can rock climb and enjoy the view from the Tonsai Beach bar. Enjoy Reggae music along with a great view of the ocean and some drinks. 

Hop on to Railay beach from Tonsai where you will find plenty of resorts and bars of all types. From reggae to lounge to club music, this beach has it all. From here you should definitely visit the lagoon which is about a 10-minute walk from the beach. I simply loved that secluded part of Krabi! Check out Bamboo islands as well as white sandy beaches and blue water. 

You should also take one of the tours to James Bond Island or Hong Island which are beautiful!

Tourist excursions are available everywhere! One of the trusted company’s is Andaman Island Tours and Travel.Snorkelling at Phi Phi islands was another great experience!Penang, Malaysia: Stay in George Town and explore the different cultural streets and the famous street art all over this World Heritage site! Definitely, visit Penang Hill for a bird’s eye view of Penang!

Thailand By Damini Passi

Puerto Rico Journal

I let out a sigh of relief as I boarded the plane to Puerto Rico. I was on the move again travelling to a new place to meet strangers that would become friends, learn about a different culture and traditions, and be surrounded by sounds and music of another language.

After travelling by myself for over 10 months in Asia, I had grown accustomed to this feeling of nervous, excited anticipation of not knowing exactly what my next travel adventure would have in store. But, I had been home, in San Francisco, for the last 3 months working as a 3rd-grade teacher, and I longed for that feeling once more.

My first days in San Juan, Puerto Rico were packed with relaxing beach time and nightlife with a group of girlfriends from New York. We enjoyed cocktails on the beach, fresh food at hip restaurants, and dancing at the local bars. We caught up, got to know each other better, but we didn’t experience Puerto Rican history and culture. My friends left, and I decided to stay behind and travel around the old city of San Juan by myself for a couple more days. I rented a rooftop Airbnb, looked up local tourist sights, and let the wave of a new place wash over me– wandering around the cobblestone roads, taking in the bright coloured houses, poking my head into shops, and talking with locals about their history and current political climate.

Travelling by myself, especially as a woman, has given me a newfound independence– that I can survive and thrive no matter the location. It is a different type of independence, where I have zero control over the world around me, but I have complete control over how I react to it. It is an inner peace that I try to replicate back at home in daily life finding new adventures in my own backyard.

Puerto Rico By Caroline Carr