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On 8.9.18, Cocoa and Jasmine launched it’s first print issue called THE HIMALAYAN ISSUE with a magazine pop up and showcased a photo exhibit by LAMO( Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation) and a Short Film called Rubai by Fahd Shah of Victory Films.

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In September 2014, LAMO held the exhibition ‘Über Grenzen /On Borders’ by OSTKREUZ, Agentur der Fotografen, Berlin,
in collaboration with Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai. The exhibition brought together the work of nine photographers from different countries and across generations to showcase their unique perspective on the borders that run through the world today, exploring what borders mean to people and how people shape their lives along borders.

LAMO invited six photographers from Ladakh to respond to the images in the exhibition, reflecting on the idea of ‘borders’ in the literal and abstract sense. Probably no other region in India shares such a long border with two neighboring countries, Pakistan and China-occupied Tibet. In 1947, the pain of separation and the tragedy of violence that resulted from lines drawn across the Himalayas were experienced by many in Ladakh. The 1962 Indo-China war resulted in the loss of large swathes of traditional grazing areas for residents in Changthang. Today, the Indian army has a prominent presence in Ladakh and impacts all areas of Ladakhi life. At the same time access to goods from different places further accentuates life in a border area. Besides physical borders with other countries, there are also many forms of everyday barriers that shape people’s lives. Through their images, the photographers attempt to share their experience of living along a border and how barriers shape our lives. 

This exhibition brings together the work of four Ladakhi photographers:

Mabel Disket has a master’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Punjab University, Chandigarh. She was Media Officer at LAMO (Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation) from 2013 to 2015, and currently works with The Ultimate Travelling Camp as an excursions specialist. She has a keen interest in photography. These images are from October 2014, when she visited Chumur village in eastern Ladakh.”

Jigmat Lundup is a free-lance photographer based in Leh, Ladakh. As a continuation of his passion for photography he started a travel company called ‘Himalaya Aperture Travel’, that orgainses photo tours in Ladakh, Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. This allows him to support his for photography and share it with others.

Mohammad Shafi Sagar is from Drass, and is a poet and writer of Urdu and Shina languages. He works for Kargil Number One (Rangyul), a local newspaper and Jammu Kashmir Dard Sheen Development Organization to preserve language and culture of Dardic/Shina peoples and is the General Secretory of Jammu and Kashmir Yateem Trust Unit Drass. 

Tsering Stobdan Walpa is a photojournalist with Stawa. 

The exhibition is supported by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai and the Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation, Leh. 


Rubai is a documentary about a day in the life of Kashmir from three perspectives. It explores the approach of a small girl going to school, an outsider who is getting married into Kashmir and a philosopher who has seen a lot and has a lot to say. It sheds some light on the resilience of Kashmiri people who still hold cultural events in the same manner as was done in the past, young kids trying to get an education for themselves in spite of curfews and the older generation which is still hopeful for the future. 


Images from the event

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