Madurai- Ooty

Must do in Madurai

Visit the Meenakshi temple: Famous for its structure that dates about 2500 years ago, Meenakshi temple is a magnificent idol with sculpted Hindu gods celebrating the union of the god Shiva and goddess Parvati. Hand-painted murals further add to the beauty of this temple.

Buy yourself a silk sari: Tamil Nadu is known for its silk and Madurai can be the best possible place for authentic handloom saris. The main bazaar opposite the Meenakshi temple has many government handloom shops that are probably the best deal. Men can buy lungis, which is a wrap around fabric similar to saris that too comes with a silk border.

Visit the Jasmine fields and buy some for your hair! You would notice that all women are dressed in silk saris with jasmine flowers in their hair.  Outside every temple are vendors with different varieties of jasmine in a string of different patterns.  So buy yourself one and blend into the mix.

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