Roadtrip to Agra

The city of Taj is two hours drive from Delhi via the express highway. Start early to get to the city before breakfast.

1. Try Kachori - aloo and masala chai at Deviram sweets:  Kachoris are typical breakfast in all of Uttar Pradesh, but Agra offers a variety of kachoris and bedmi puri and can be found at every street and corner.

2. Visit the Red Fort: Even though the city is popularly known for Taj mahal, the red fort in my opinion is more exquisite fro architecture and even more glorious than the Red fort in Delhi.

3. Head to the old rail station from where one can see tombs of the mosque and the city landscape view. This station was built during colonial raj, and can be interesting for its architectural influences.

4. Taj mahal from Mehtab bagh: In the evening/ late afternoon, this can make for a great photo and one can see all the three tombs aligned. Mehtab bagh is also a great picnic spot.

5.Marble Workshop: The city has a cottage industry of marble goods usually bought as souvenirs.

6 . Old bazaar:  Visit the Shiva temple known for its evening prayers. Shop for petha (sweet) shops, spices and for zari work carpets, which is a famous from agra.

7. Agra also a leather factories and workshops which can be of interest to someone who is keen to explore the crafts. One can shop for Jutis and chappals made custom.

8.  For history and architecture lover, fatehpur sikri and vrindavan are only an hour away. Guided walks are recommended.

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