The Golden Temple | Amritsar

The first time I had gone to a gurudwara was in 2005. Like the guru himself had invited me in his divine home, a new journey had begun. Journey within. Its been 11 years and I have been to the Golden temple about 9 times since then, and still, it doesn't fail to mesmerize me with its tranquil and peaceful aura. Sheer devotion seen in followers, with the music of hymns and simplicity in the food have this kind of humbleness and joy one doesn't see often. Most influenced by the ideas of Guru Nanak about communal living and humanity had affected by ideas towards religion in the early years. I studied the holy books of Sikhism and have learnt about the unconditional love and trust in God. This is the feeling I hold, in this shrine, of gratitude. Amritsar as a city is very busy like most small cities in India but very charming with its architecture and great history of battles during the colonial Raj. Amritsar shares its border with Pakistan, something that really excited me when I visited it the first time. My folks grew up in Punjab, hence the culture is very familiar to me, yet a bit foreign. We usually get a train from Delhi to Amritsar that takes about 6 hours. From an Indian railway breakfast to a rickshaw ride from the station to the temple is an experience. I also love shopping for phulkari dupattas and jutis, later snack on Chola kulcha which a traditional meal in Punjab.In the temple, we leave our shoes behind and cover our heads. Post a round the pond and a dip in the water to wash away our sins, we took some sweet halwa to offer in the temple. I bowed to the holy book to pay my respects and pray for the prosperity of my family.

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