Wayanad to Mysore

Things to do in Mysore

Mysore Palace: Pride of the Rajput history, this palace is surrounded by four temples on each side and fortification. One can see elephant parade on special days, rare photos of the royalty, extensive hand painting and patterned tiles inside of the palace with grand chandeliers.  A tour last about an hour and one could visit a museum and art gallery inside of the palace as well.

Have that ghee roast dosa and Mysore masala dosa: Famous for its crispy an fluffy dosas, Mysore is probably the best place to have these savoury crepes with coconut chutney. A staple diet for the locals, this is available on every corner of the city and don’t be surprised if you eat 4 at one time!

Shop for spices and sandalwood: Karnataka’s famous homegrown spices and sandalwood are available in all souvenir government shops in Mysore and probably the most authentic as well.

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