Day Trips from London


Located in the Northwest of London, Bath is in the county of Somerset known for its roman built baths and Georgian architecture. Jane Austen lived in Bath, hence it is a great experience for literature lovers. Bath can be a beautiful ride on a train or a bus from London Paddington. One could also visit Bristol which lies only 10 mins ahead of the one hour journey.


A borough in West Midlands, it’s a city quite popular after London. With an iconic bull’s ring in the city centre, this can be a getaway for the big city for shoppers and foodies. Because of the great working population here, Birmingham is only an hour from London via Virgin Trains running every hour from London Euston.


Coastal town in the South of London, this is known for its Victorian architecture. It can be a day’s expedition to hang out on the beach and visit the famous St. Peter’s church that takes you back into time with a feeling of an old English storybook. National Express Buses Run many times a day from London Victoria making it very convenient to reach Bournemouth in almost 2 hours.


Near the University of Sussex, Brighton is known for its Palace pier. This is a small town offering a hipster experience with its many street art murals, vintage shops and cafes. Brighton is well connected from London Victoria via Bus or Train.


This is where the royals went to study. Popularly known for the university, the city has the most magnificent architecture in England with its gigantic library, history archives and many churches and cathedrals. A river in the center of the city allows you to do boating giving a full guided tour of the city and also taste the most amazing British food. Cambridge can be reached via bus or train in 2 hours.


Located in Warwickshire, Coventry is one of the sights with ruins from the world war second. Cathedral, Transport Museum and Herbert Art Gallery are the main attractions that make this a perfect day out. Coventry can be reached in 50 mins with Virgin trains from London Euston Station and if booked in advance, this can be as cheap as 10 pounds for a ticket!


Scottish capital with a Fort, University, Castle, National Museum and Gallery! Edinburgh is a cultural hub with gothic style architecture. When in Scotland, do try the whisky! Edinburgh is well connected via a flight as well as a train from London making it only a few hours away from the city.


North of England, known for its football team, this is again a city with its own charm. One gets to hear a fascinating difference in the accents when you move north of the country. Also, home to creative like Vivienne Westwood and the Beetles! There are no direct trains to Liverpool, but one can take the London Midland that can be changed in Birmingham, making it only 3 hours away from Central London.


Another University town, full of young students and probably has the best bookstores in the world. Oxford is very similar to Cambridge in terms of architecture and with its small cafes and shops that sell local produce. This is a 2-hour train ride from London Paddington with beautiful countryside views.


Popularly known as the Shakespeare town, Stratford is almost out of a fairy tale. It is located in the North of London. With its Shakespeare’s Museum and Butterfly Park, it attracts tourists throughout the year and can make for a lovely train ride with views of the English countryside. This can be reached via National Express Bus from London Victoria or Train from London Liverpool Station.


At the boundary of Scotland and England, this small city has a University and one gets to see Irish, Scottish and English influences in its culture. With a small city centre, York is easy to explore. This can be visited on the way to Newcastle, making it only 3 hour’s away from London King’s Cross Station.


A significant difference can be seen in terms of architecture in Scotland and England and Newcastle being a financial hub in Scotland has a lot of relevant government offices flaunting these. This is a city with pubs, bars, shopping and a lot of culture mix. This is a 4-hour train ride from London King’s Cross Station.


Between york and Newcastle lies Durham, which probably is my favourite town in the country. Its historic castle and small city centre with vintage shops and cosy cafes along a lake can make for a dreamlike day. This is a 3 hour’s Train Ride from London King’s Cross Station.


In the county of East Midland, this town is popularly known for football. Usually one can find a lot of Indians living here thus making it interesting to see cultural blends. This is an hour’s train ride from London Euston Station.


Northern Irish capital, Belfast is only an insight into the Irish traditions and culture. One has to experience the Irish coffee and visit the sailor’s museum to see how Titanic was made! This is an hour’s flight from London Gatwick.

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