Norwegian Summer | Kragero and Bergen

First stop to our spontaneous Europe trip was to Kragero. After a long flight via Dubai we reached the Oslo Airport where Martha's brother and his friend had come to pick us up . We drove to the small port town for 4 hours through forests and bridges on the wide highway with speeding cars. The shade of blue in the sky was much deeper than that of India's. We stopped in the middle for coffee and sandwich where we bonded with the Scandinavian boys. Martha put us up in a cute cozy cottage walkable distance from her friends house where we were invited for barbecue. We made some guacamole, smoked peppers and salmon with white wine for dinner on the extended wooden terrace of the house overlooking a lake with private boats. Even at 11pm on our walk back to home it was still light as if early evening. Next day we took the ferry to an island for hiking. I spotted many birds and horses. Painted wooden houses was typical of this region. We stopped to have a picnic under a tree on a wooden bench where we made open sandwiches with avocado and Philadelphia cheese. I couldn't stop myself from clicking portraits of the sky and water in different tones and textures. It all seemed like a collage of blues and greens. On the third day we took a bus to Oslo city centre where we were going to spend 2 days exploring the norwegian capital. 

From Oslo we took a 7 hour train to Bergen. During the train journey we experienced the most stunning landscapes from rivers, forest, mountains to glaciers. Our guide and friend Johannes gave us great company made sure we were comfortable throughout our journey in his home town. A morning was spent exploring the pride and joy of Norway. Hans Tanks gate, University of bergen, Det Juridiske fakultet, Akvariet i Bergen, Colonialen Fetevare, Fish and flower market, Bryggen, Rosenkrantz Tower, Bergenhus Fortress are some of the main attractions of this small town. We ate at Nama and got coffee later at Kaffemisjonen. Next day was Martha's birthday house party where we met all her friends and family and enjoyed our last evening in this wonderful country. 

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