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SIIN started as a fusion between traditional Arabic sounds and techno music made with love in Berlin. The love for music brought Rafi from Palestine and Uros from Serbia to meet in Berlin and begin this uplifting project. Their wish was to create quality new music that makes people be present and happy. They soon realised that the best way this could be done is by bringing techno and quick Arab’s rhythms in a sophisticated combination together. Rafi is known for his amazing bright energy and creativity and Uros has been a long time DJ, entertaining the Berlin and international scene with Balkan and oriental beats.

Tell me a little bit about how it all started? When did you realise your artistic instincts? Did you study arts? Was the switch a conscious decision? Talk about your journey. 

I studied actually civil engineering, but was always interested in art. Of course when my journey brought me to Berlin suddenly I was exposed to a big volume of aesthetics. Soon I realised that this is what I do best, creating. Office work became a memory and I started focusing on sharing beauty through art to the world, of course I also had the best scene here in the capital city. Since we started our project, we collaborated with many artists, sharing knowledge and experience. From distant ancient genres to modern unrelated beats and art manifestations, we mix together musical and visual elements in new projects.SIIN also played at gallery vernissages and soon became a part of the visual artist community. I myself did wood sculptures and glass melting art with different projects. I read some of my poems in different occasions and started collaborating with professional painters and drawers in learning new technics. Coming together and exploring ideas made magical things happen and brought us amazing results. This concept is based on the idea of fusion in art. 
It has shaped our identity, made us evolve as artists and shift our focus through the influence of others to new perspectives and paths.

Are there any artists who inspire you? Share their names and music. 


In an ideal world, what goals do you wish to achieve with SIIN?

Make people happy and work towards unity, loving and understanding each other.

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My home is earth. My vision about life changed over time accumulating new experiences. I am grateful for all of them.

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I understand that you combine your marketing skills with music skills? How do you balance the artist and the business guy in you?

I am a communicative person and became also involved in management and event organising in our projects. This is a skill I naturally have, I didn’t study in University, although I would probably do a Master at some point to improve myself. But I guess I’m learning on the way and had also a lot of help from the people around me that teach me or showed me how the things here work. It was kind a learning by doing.

How different is the community in Berlin and back home? Elaborate with examples. 

My home is earth. My vision about life changed over time accumulating new experiences. I am grateful for all of them. I discovered my artistic abilities in Berlin, where people from all over the world live together and there is a very diverse art spectrum. But still I think there is enough need for sharing fresh perspectives and showing ‘exotic’ visions. I believe flexibility and opening the heart to new is a key in learning about oneself and getting closer to the divine. Traditions, fixed thoughts and routines do have a role in our society but without change there is no real evolution.

According to you the future of eastern artists in Berlin? 

Techno is of course the main music in Berlin, because of it’s tradition and meanwhile worldwide popularity. But from techno many other styles evolved and the international input created different mixtures and new genres. I think it’s in an improvement to the sometimes monotonous minimal techno. Adding instruments, voices and for the locals unknown rhythms etc. can entice curiosity, enthusiasm and bring novelty. Taste is of course subjective and Berlin has place for everyone.